День Балтийского моря/Baltic Sea Day

2016 (English version)

XVII International Environmental Forum «Baltic Sea Day»

The International Environmental Forum “Baltic Sea Day” is an esteemed platform for environmental dialogue and a live meeting point for national, regional as well as global participants representing a wide range of sectors. XVII International Environmental Forum “Baltic Sea Day” was held on the 22-23th of March 2016 in St. Petersburg (Russia).

The Forum was focus on:

- Maritime spatial planning;
- Nature conservation;
- Chemical pollution of the Baltic Sea;
- Efficient use of energy and water - best practices of cleantech clusters of Baltic region;
- Organic farming and Best Available Technologies (BAT) in agriculture;
- Outcomes of the Gulf of Finland Year 2014.

Resolutions of the round table " Environmentally friendly agricultural production and preservation of water resources in rural areas"

Resolution of the round  table "Cooperation across borders in environmental education and awareness raising - towards a Clean and shared Baltic Sea"

Resolution of the round table "Maritime Spatial Planning"

The programms can be downloaded here (link).

Presentations can be downloaded here (link)

Contact information:

Program issues: Ms Ekaterina Vorobyeva (vorobyeva@helcom.ru)

Technical issues : Ms Natalia Bobyleva (bobyleva@helcom.ru)



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