День Балтийского моря/Baltic Sea Day

2019 (english version)

XX Anniversary International Environmental Forum

Baltic Sea Day

21-22 March 2019 Saint-Petersburg (Russia)


On March 21-22, 2019, representatives of the Baltic countries will gather in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) for the 20th time to exchange experiences, discuss the achieved results and future plans, moreover ways of reaching the ambitious goals in conservation and protection of the Baltic Sea environment.

The Agenda of the Forum is under developing now and it's going to be focused on Sustainable development for the Baltic Sea – future outlook and updating of the Baltic Sea action plan and contribution to the UN SDGs 2030.

Draft Agenda

Registration is open. Proposals and questions should be sent to the Organizing Committee via e-mail bsd.helcom@gmail.com



телефон - (812) 430 68 60
телефон/факс - (812) 430 93 05
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