День Балтийского моря/Baltic Sea Day

2020 (English version)

 XXI International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day"

Provisional dates - 23-24 of March 2021.

Detailed information about renewed Agenda and practicalities will be sent you after world fixing up with COVID-19 and closer to the Forum.


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russian Federation, HELCOM and the Government of St. Petersburg agreed to cancel the XXI International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day" in 2020 year.

Such a difficult decision was declared at the 58th meeting of the HELCOM Heads of Delegations, which was conducted on-line on June 9-10, 2020. It was made due to the uncertainties in the world regarding the opening of borders for crossing and particularly in the city of St. Petersburg regarding the permission to conduct events with large number of participants.

The Forum Organizing Committee is aware and appreciate of the significant work that has already been done by the moderators, speakers and forum participants in developing of the Forum Agenda and the round table programs, and greatly appreciates everyone's contribution to the preparation of the Baltic Sea Day Forum. We look forward to continued cooperation in the future.

To date, it is determined that the XXI International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day" will be held March 23-24, 2021 in St. Petersburg.

The program will be developed taking into account existing developments, as well as new topics that will be formulated later. Registration will be reopened, which will be reported separately.

Materials that were sent in 2020, we carefully preserve and include in the Thesis collection of 2021, if the authors confirm the relevance. This process will be launched closer to the dates of the 2021 Forum.

We thank you for your readiness to participate in the 2020 Forum and hope that by 2021 this desire and opportunity will continue and we will all come to a New Forum with fresh ideas, innovative formats and relevant topics.

Feel free for asking questions

See you in Saint-Petersburg in 2021!

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