День Балтийского моря/Baltic Sea Day

2022 (English version)


Draft Agenda of the Forum 2022


XXII Iternational environmental forum «Baltic sea day» n.a. Leonid Korovin will be conducted on the 22-23 of March 2022 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) as it used to be organized during last more than 20 years. This traditional event continuously makes input in cooperation building in the Baltic sea region and every next year lights up topics which are currently central. People and projects, authorities and researches, business and NGOs meet each other at the events in the frame of Forum and find points for dialogues and way of advantageous cooperation.

Focal themes in 2022 yeare are going to be:
  • Updated Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP HELCOM), associated and supporting documents
  • International cooperation on environmental monitoring in the Baltic sea region (Holas III and PLC-8)
  • strengthening cooperation to eliminate sources of negative impact on the environment - HELCOM hot spots
  • Marine litter
  • BEP and environmental risks in handling fertilizers in the Baltic Sea region ports
  • Contamination of aquatic environment by pharmaceuticals - challenges and solutions
  • Environmental practices applied in implementation of large infrastructural projects. Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Project
  • Meeting of the Russian national subcommittee of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme
  • Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Agriculture: best practices and challenges related to Climate Change
  • Final conferences of international projects (CBC Programmes)
Events of the Forum 2022 will be conducted in hybrid format as it was in 2021. We're looking forward that borders will be opened and covid-2019 will allow meetings in person. Newertheless now world and region situation suppose preferabliness of hybrid format.

You're welcome to forward proposals and questions to the Orginizing Committee - bsd@helcom.ru and bsd_helcom@gmail.com

телефон - (812) 430 68 60
телефон/факс - (812) 430 93 05
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