Акция "Чистый берег" / CLEAN BEACH

Clean Beach Campaign 2018 in Leningrad region

Date: 15-16/09/2018

 Venue: Kingiseppsky district of the Leningrad region (Kurgalsky reserve)

The event was devoted to the World Clean Day (September 15) in the Kurgalsky reserve and continued a series of similar actions held annually in various cities along the Gulf of Finland and contributed to the implementation of the HELCOM RAP ML.

Lead Sponsor: Nord Stream 2

Organizer: State company «Mineral» has been officially stated as a national coordinator of the HELCOM activities in the Russian Federation by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation what was coordinated and agreed with executive authorities of the North-West federal district of the Russian Federation.

Partners of the Campaign: ecological movement "Separate Collection", All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation, Environmental Camp "Green Step", Committee on Natural Resources of the Leningrad region (department for PAs), the company JSC "Opticom", EuroChem Company, Rostermanolugol Company, JSC “Lik”, Kingisepp Federation of volleyball 

September 15-16, 2018 in the Kingiseppsky district of the Leningrad region (Kurgalsky reserve) for the first time the international environmental campaign "Clean Beach" was held. Concept of the event included an environmental quest (environmental fair), a waste collection stage and an interactive (entertaining) part. 12 Ecological Education Stations (in cooperation with NGOs) were organized on the Action site.


The following high-level representatives of authorities addressed with greetings to participants:

Mr. Mushegh Karapetyan, Deputy head of the Administration of Kingisepp District, Chairman of the Committee for Housing and Communal Services, Transport and Ecology

Ms. Marina Korobeinikova, representative of the Committee for Nature Use, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety of St. Petersburg

Ms. Tatyana Sharova, Forestry of Kingisepp District, Deputy Head of the Administration of the Ivangorod Settlement

Mr. Guido Schnieders, Nord Stream 2

Mr. Yury Esminovich, Head of the Administration of the Kuzemkino Settlement and others.



At the end of the official part, start of the environmental quest (September 15) and the environmental fair (September 16) was launched, the co-organizers of which was the Center for the Psychological Development of Children, Adolescents and Youth Architecture of the Future. During the stages of the quest, environmental volunteers not only collected waste in the allocated territory, but also performed various tasks, both sporting and intellectual, so that each participant could show his individuality. Before the start of the quest (fair), participants were instructed on the separate collection of litter.


During two days of campaign 24 teams took part in activities.

The first place was taken on 15 September 2018 by the team "Co" (cobalt), formed from volunteers from St. Petersburg, which collected the most volume of litter. The second place was given to the team "B" (boron), formed from representatives of the company "EuroChem", the third - "Si" (silicon) students and teachers of the Ivangorod Humanitarian Technical Institute. 16 September 2018 with a large margin won a team of local residents of the village of Bolshoy Kuzemkino "H" (hydrogen). But for the second place it was had to compete. The second place was awarded to the mixed team "C" (carbon) of local residents. But the third place was taken by the team "Al" (aluminum), which brought together participants from environmentally responsible enterprises.

The teams that took first, second and third places received memorable prizes from the partners of the action Nord Stream 2,  Direction of PA of Leningrad region EuroChem и RosterminalUgol.


Campaign Clean Beach in Saint-Petersburg 2018

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