День Балтийского моря/Baltic Sea Day

2015 (English version)

XVI International Environmental Forum “Baltic Sea Day”  was held on the 18-20th of March 2015 in St. Petersburg (Russia).  Please find enclosed the BSD programmes.

Papers collection of the Forum in Russian and English is available on the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/0y2q6t9mgpa5e4m/Sbornik_BSD2015.pdf?dl=0

Presentations of the participants of the Forum are available on the link yadi.sk/d/gUUUh7crfXmLA

 Round table Resolutions:

  1.  Environmentally friendly farming and sustainably developing rural areas: the experience of the Baltic region countries and Russia
  2. The results of the project on "Strengthening the Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Russia” 
  3. Sustainable sewage sludge handling 
  4.  Protecting biodiversity and habitats the Gulf of Finland
  5. Best practices of the Environmental Education - The Gulf of Finland Year  
  6. Marine litter
  7. Maritime transport infrastructure and urban planning: environmental aspects

Contact information:

Ecology and Business NGO, St. Petersburg, Russia

e-mail: bsd@helcom.ru;

technical issues : Ms.Natalia Bobyleva (bobyleva@helcom.ru)

programme issues: Ms.Ekaterina Vorobyeva (vorobyeva@helcom.ru)


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